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The best free ways to keep kids entertained during lockdown

The best free ways to keep kids entertained during lockdown

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It’s a frustrating time for little ones. The all-important daily routine been turned upside down. There’s no more seeing nursery or school friends. Trips to the swimming pool and play park are off, and there’s little hope of a summer holiday in sight.

If your kids are getting restless from all this time cooped up in the house, it can be tempting to splash out on pricey electronics and games consoles to keep them entertained or fall into the trap of ordering expensive toys and gadgets online just for something new to do. Instead, try some of these easy, cheap ways to entertain and divert your little darlings. You might find that staying home and staying safe doesn’t actually have to cost a penny…

Go to celebrity school

Okay, maybe the kids aren’t begging to get back to school just yet, but they might feel differently when they take a look at this timetable. If anything can persuade them to turn away from Fortnite in favour of something more educational, it’s a bit of celebrity schooling…

  • Art classes, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am – Join children’s author and illustrator Rob Biddulph for a free draw-a-long lesson. From penguins and alligators to aliens and dinosaurs, these quick and quirky projects will fire up creativity and let little imaginations run wild. What’s more, all you need is a pen and paper to take part.
  • Wildlife homeschool, Wednesdays at 9.30am – Nature guru and avid adventurer Steve Backshall live streams these wonderful wildlife lessons, touching on conservation, geography and biology, too. If your children are curious about critters and love nattering about nature, they’re sure to be transfixed by this live Q&A format.
  • English, 11am daily – Bestselling children’s author David Walliams is reading an excerpt from his ridiculous and imaginative books daily. And if you ever miss a day, the recordings are stored on his website for a full week so you can catch up on every chapter.
  • PE lessons, Monday to Friday at 9am – You’ll enjoy more relaxed afternoons and peaceful evenings if the kids get all their excess energy out of the way first thing. Follow ultimate PE teacher Joe Wicks to hop, skip and star-jump your way into the day. Check out his YouTube channel (and watch previous fitness tips) here:
  • Music, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am – Who better to teach your budding musical geniuses than Myleene Klass? She’s offering lessons that touch on music theory, rhythm and even reading notation. Sounds good to us!

Craft a radiant rainbow to support the NHS

Feeling creative? Gather up all the crayons, pencils, paint, felt tip pens and crafting materials in the house and while away an hour or two making rainbows. There’s no need to stop at pencils and paint either – why not experiment with pipe cleaners, buttons, pom-poms, crepe paper, stickers and colourful fabric? Once the rainbows are ready, you can proudly display your works of art in the window for all to admire.

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